Anonymous asked:

Whe does you and I release in la? Thank you :) oh ya and for the anon talking about kendell jenner they were never dating what is wrong with a guy hanging out with a girl as friends, but I still know how you feeling inhatnethe kardashians/jenner's lol

niallhorantheirish answered:

I think that people should stop talking about Kendall … :)Β 

Yes!!!! People should! Enough now!

Anonymous asked:

What's your favourite thing about the You and I video?


Niall’s hair.

Niall playing with a balloon.

Niall playing with a football.

When Niall sings.

When there’s more than one Niall.

The beginning with Niall.




Anonymous asked:

How do you so wholeheartedly believe in Narry? I don't mean any offense because I'm also a hardcore Narry shipper. But I'm just a sceptic and cynic by nature so I don't believe in anything. But I've shipped a pairing that probably has more proof than all of the 1D bromances combined and even then I still didn't believe in them. Did your belief in Narry grow over time or was it one thing that totally hit home with you?

Before I answer this question, can you clarify when you say β€˜one bromance had more proof than all the others combined’, are you talking about Larry? Because I need to know if I’m dealing with a rational person or not. I don’t think you can compare them.