Anonymous asked:

The way someone acts with someone doesn't define whether they are in a relationship. Narry are friends. That's all.

I can’t agree with you. I am only like that with one person, and I’m in love with him.

Anonymous asked:

OMFG!! that was the song that i think is the ultimate narry song!! i thought you were gonna say "endlessly" by the cab.

It was until I heard Thinking Out Loud. I think it describes them as a couple, where Endlessly Niall’s song for Harry.

Not over him tweeting the lyrics.

Anonymous asked:

There's another reavel blog called 1dbehindthescenes*tumblr*com. Idk that blogs seems so fucking realistic and she even said that if you met the boys, you might have probably met her too. Idk mate she said that niall and harry have secret gfs and shit. Now Im a BIG NARRY SHIPPER and I WANT THEM TO BE REAL SO BAD!!!! what do you think bout that blog???

I think anyone who says they have connections and are close to the boys and then have a blog about them purely to spill ‘secrets’ should not be trusted. Most of what she says is public knowledge if you know where to look.